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Mobile Phones & Tablets in Ajman

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Apple iPhone 11 Good Condition

AED 1549
Second ConditionNo Fault

For sale Apple iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max 2TB iPhone 13 Pro Max 12

AED 3000
Second ConditionStill in Original Packing
ColourOther colour

for sale Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 12 Pro Max Apple MacBook M1 Pro KD6

AED 2000
Second ConditionStill in Original Packing
ColourOther colour


Second ConditionStill in Original Packing

Lenovo Z5s (2018) Dual SIM Titanium Blue 128GB 4G LTE

AED 599
Second ConditionOne month used only

Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 4G Dual SIM Yellow 6GB RAM 128GB

AED 689
Second ConditionStill in Original Packing

Galaxy Tab S7 FE

AED 1699

Mobile Phones & Tablets in Ajman

How to Buy or Sell used mobile phones or tablets in the UAE

Looking to buy or sell a used mobile phone or tablet in the UAE? With a thriving market for second-hand devices, it's important to know what to look for as a buyer and how to sell your device as a seller. This guide provides tips and best practices for both buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. From researching the device, checking its condition, and setting a competitive price, to providing accurate descriptions and secure payment options, this guide has you covered.

Guide for buyers of used mobile phones or tablets in the UAE:

  • Research: Before making a purchase, research the model and brand you are interested in. Check the specifications, features, and reviews.
  • Condition: Always sure to check the condition of the device, including any scratches or cracks on the screen and body.
  • Authentication: Ensure the device is authentic by checking the IMEI number, serial number, and any other unique identifier.
  • Price comparison: Compare prices from different sellers to get the best deal. Don't forget to factor in shipping costs if you are buying online.
  • Warranty: Ask the seller if the device comes with any warranty. If not, consider purchasing a warranty or insurance policy to protect your investment.
  • Payment: Only make a payment after you have inspected the device and are satisfied with its condition. Consider using a secure payment method, such as through a reputable online marketplace.
  • Return policy: Make sure to understand the return policy of the seller in case the device does not meet your expectations.

Guide for sellers of used mobile phones or tablets in the UAE:

  • Clean and prepare the device: Clean the device and erase all personal data before listing it for sale.
  • Accurate description: Provide an accurate and detailed description of the device, including its condition, specifications, and any damage or defects.
  • Price: Set a competitive price for the device, taking into account its condition and the current market value.
  • Photos: Take clear and high-quality photos of the device to showcase its condition and features.
  • Secure payment: Consider using a secure payment method, such as through a reputable online marketplace, to protect your financial information.
  • Delivery and shipping: If you are selling online, make sure to clearly state the shipping and delivery options and costs.
  • Customer service: Respond promptly to any questions or concerns from potential buyers and provide excellent customer service.

For a hassle-free and secure buying and selling experience, consider using, a trusted online marketplace for new and used mobile phones and tablets in the UAE. With a user-friendly platform and a commitment to customer satisfaction, makes it easy to find the right device at the right price. Whether you're looking to upgrade your device or sell your old one, we have you covered with top-notch service, and a wide selection of the latest mobile devices and tablets. So why wait? Sign up today and join the thousands of happy buyers and sellers on