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Buy & Sell new an used TVs & DVD Players in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & UAE (Free Ads!). Upgrade your home entertainment with, the leading classified ads platform for buying and selling TVs and DVD players in the UAE! Browse a vast selection of brand new, pre-owned, refurbished, and unboxed TVs and DVD players from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, and more. Reach millions of potential buyers across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the entire UAE with our free classified ads. List your TV or DVD player in minutes and connect with interested buyers in your area.
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Hire Bulk Touchscreens for Trade Shows in UAE

ConditionBrand New
ColourOther colour

Hire Latest Touch Screens for Trade Shows in UAE

ConditionBrand New
ColourOther colour

Affordable LED Wall Rentals Across the UAE

ConditionBrand New
ColourOther colour


Useful Tips for Sellers and Buyers to Avoid Scams When Purchasing Brand New and Used Televisions, DVD Players, or Electronics on Classified Websites:


Stay Safe When Buying Electronics on Classified Websites

Research the Seller

Before committing, check the seller's profile, ratings, and reviews on the classified platform. Look for positive feedback and a history of successful transactions. Be wary of sellers with limited or suspicious information.

Don't Overpay

Compare prices of similar brand-new or used electronics online to ensure a fair deal. Unusually low prices might be scams.

Inspect Before You Buy

Whenever possible, arrange to inspect the item in person. Verify it matches the description and test its functionality (if applicable) to ensure it works as advertised.

Be Cautious of Advance Payments

Never send money upfront! Avoid making advance payments or wiring money before receiving the item. Legitimate sellers should be happy to receive payment upon delivery.

Trust Your Gut

If something feels off, trust your instincts. If the deal seems too good to be true or the seller's behavior raises suspicions, walk away from the transaction.


Seller Tips for Safe Classified Transactions


Research the Buyer

Before finalizing a sale, take time to research the buyer's profile, ratings, and reviews on the classified website. Look for any red flags like negative feedback.

Meet in a Safe Place

Choose a well-lit, public location like a coffee shop or shopping mall for in-person transactions. Avoid secluded areas or unfamiliar places.

Secure Payment Methods

Prefer cash payment for face-to-face transactions. For online transactions, consider secure methods like PayPal or escrow services that offer buyer protection.

Verify Payment

Always ensure the payment is successfully processed and reflects in your account before handing over the item. Beware of overpayment requests or unusual payment methods.

Detailed Description & Photos

Provide a clear and accurate description of the item, including its condition, specifications, and any flaws. Upload high-quality photos from various angles to showcase the product accurately.

Remember: By following these tips and practicing vigilance, you can avoid scams when buying or selling electronics on classified websites. Happy (and secure) shopping!